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Parents thank us for giving their child confidence.

Kids thank us for having fun while learning.

Teachers thank us for the pre and post materials

 that helps to meet Expectations.

Principals thank us for making a positive difference
 in their schools.

Administrators tell us that they love our workshops.

Consultants, Coordinators and Professors write us
 to say thanks.

And everyone loves our interactive performances!

Here are just a few letters we have received...




            Safe & Caring Schools Programs

        640 Lawrence  Ave. West, Toronto, Ontario. M6A 1B1 

Kevin Battaglia, Safe Schools Administrator 

Tim Fisher , Vice-Principal:  

To whom this may concern,

Jody Bishop, on behalf of Fearless Learning Canada, has been working to support the staff and students of the Toronto District School Board's Safe and Caring School Alternative Programs for the past year.

Jody developed and conducted has executed a number of presentations/workshops to staff and students with regards to employability skills, communication skills, and mental health issues.  Dozens of workshops were offered to at-risk students in our alternative programs completely free of charge.  The presentations added valuable elements to our work with marginalized students.

The students Jody has supported include those who have been expelled or suspended from regular schools or students whose criminal involvement and charges prevent them from attending specific schools.  These students need the support of our multi-disciplinary programs.  Jody and Fearless Learning are significant community contributors to our work offering successful intervention to students.  The students in these programs range from Grades 1- 12.

As well, Jody and Fearless Learning have been involved in offering low-cost team-building workshops to the multi-disciplinary staff who work with our students.  Our program staff includes teachers, child and youth workers, educational assistance, psychologists and social workers.  Base on our specific program needs Jody developed a scenario-based curriculum to utilize with our staff members and Fearless Learning offered professional and engaging execution of that curriculum.  Feedback from all stakeholders was positive.

The free and low-cost programs Fearless Learning have offered to the staff and students in our department have been valuable and effective.

For more information contact me personally,

Yours sincerely,


Kevin Battaglia

Safe and Caring Schools Administrator for Alternative Programs



Catherine Huycke, Principal, Buchanan Public School on January 26, 2004

The workshop series "Stop that Bullying!" was exceptional!  The instructional leader did not only facilitated discussion, taught theory of scriptwriting, improvisation and performance, but instilled a sense of pride for their accomplishments. To see the students undergo such a phenomenal process was a gratifying experience. In the end the students created a play around the theme of bullying and presented it to the school. The students, teachers and community benefited from the powerful messages the students portrayed.  

The exciting, interactive improv play called "Student Rules" reflects a day in the life of a typical student and all of the issues that they deal with. The presentation was appropriate for all age groups from grade JK to 8.  The use of humor and students selected from the audience personalized the experience and made it very rewarding.  

Each of these opportunities supports the Ministry of Education Language and Drama curriculum.  

A very worthwhile opportunity.

Dear Colleagues:                                                                         


Fearless Learning did four sessions with our students last year and they were very effective and well-received.

The program is extremely user-friendly. The co-ordinator and the actors/ instructors discussed the school¢s needs with me, the vice-principal and the teachers on the phone beforehand and again at the school when they arrived to ensure that it addressed our needs.

The presenters tailor-made the scenes, using improvisation techniques, to suit our schools bullying issues. The presenters interacted with the students throughout the sessions which kept them engaged throughout.

Their focus on the role of the bystander was particularly effective, as it is bystanders who invariably encourage and facilitate fights and bullying.

The pre and post-workshop booklets were extensive and greatly helped the teachers prepare their students for the sessions.

I highly recommend the Fearless Learning program.

Will Braund, Principal
Dublin Heights Elementary and Middle School (TDSB)






To whom it may concern,


            It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to recommend Jody Bishop and his associates.  Corvette Junior Public School had the opportunity to work with Fearless Learning Canada in June 2006.  The experience was unforgettable and has left a lasting impact on the students and teachers at our school.


            The Stop the Bullying program is specifically designed to meet the needs of all learners.  Teachers were provided with hands-on resources prior to the workshop to prepare the students.  The practical and engaging lesson plans, rubrics and instructional approaches can be used year round, providing an excellent unit for educators when addressing one of the most pertinent issues in today's schools, bullying.  The instructional leaders provided ongoing and reflective feedback with the teachers both during and between sessions.  The wit, energy and dramatic expertise of the instructors solidified a clear connection with all of the students who participated.  The children had the opportunity to enhance their improvisational skills through role-play activities, while also learning about the many facets of bullying.  The main premise of the program is to empower the bystander which is arguably one of the best strategies to address and eliminate this national issue in Canadian schools.


            I would recommend...Stop the Bullying highly to any school or organization that works with children and adolescents.  The expertise, professionalism and sincere connection to the kids made this workshop an unforgettable and impacting experience for all involved.


            Further feedback can be provided by contacting me at the following email address below.  I would not hesitate to explain in detail the advantages of this program and how it may enhance all involved in your organization.







Natalie Edgar

Corvette Junior Public School

Grade 4/5 Teacher



Jody Bishop, President