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 At Risk & Invisible Disabilities Youth



Why Focus Upon At Risk & Invisible Disabilities?

1 in 5 teenagers experience a major mental disorder and need help and support in a non-threatening environment.  Ontario education curriculum does not support mental illness awareness and anti-stigma.

What Support Can We Offer?

The primary focus areas are:

  • Individual and small group coaching re: quality of life issues such as communication skills, dietary assistance, social development, and the critical need for fitness.

  • Job Placement Skill-Building: building employability skills and educating the business community regarding the usefulness and untapped potential of these disabled youth.

  • Professional Development for teachers regarding mental health issues and awareness.


The Premier of Ontario stresses that we must not leave
disabled out of our community.

The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario states that our society needs
to embrace the concept of "transparent disabilities".

Together, let us keep invisible disabilities invisible!


 Information Available on Our Programs

for Youth At Risk & Invisible Disabilities

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Fearless Learning Invisible Disabilities Booklet
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Jody Bishop, President